Have you heard? Get your pantries ready people… there’s a new store in town! It’s spicy. It’s smelly good. It’s calling to me. And it WILL call to you too!

It’s Virginia Highlands newest, flavorest (yes a new word) and BURSTINGEST (yep, another one)  with aromas! Savory Spice Shop is so ahhhhmaaayyyZING (yep… another newbie! Shoot me.) it’s slap yo’ mama good! But don’t go slappin’ your mama. It’s just not cool. Slap yourself.

This is one of those places anyone who likes to cook, and even those on the fence and don’t know they do yet, call a “little piece of heaven”. It’s the rock ‘n roll of flavor all under one roof. Taste more…

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Are you ready? You better be. This soup will hook you, even if you’re not a soup person. You. Will. Be. Hooked.

A few years back Kirstie Alley started up a new health craze called Phitter and a diet meal plan. She shared her Green Soup recipe on Oprah and they made it sound so good, I decided to try it. OMGoodness, as much as they said how delicious it was, no words could really describe its scrumptious flavor. It is buttery, but has no butter added. It slaps your taste buds with so much deliciousness, your buds will love you for days! You’ll crave this stuff, so make a big pot. You’re going to need it. Really. Not kidding. Taste more…

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It’s one of my new favorite food markets!

Yesterday evening I was one of the lucky ones who got the grand tour of the newest, an hottest grocery stores to land in the Atlanta area. At Emory Point, which I love BTW, on Wednesday, July 8th, at 7:00 am the doors of Earth Fare will open!

Earth Fare Emory Point

This particular Atlanta Food Bloggers’ tour is different than others I’ve had the pleasure of, so I want you to know four things right up front. Taste more…

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We all know what Yellow Pages is. It seems like it’s been around since… well, forever. The former powerhouse is still a powerhouse, they just have a new face so to speak. They’ve renamed to YP and they’re branding themselves in a very smart way. It’s just as smart as “Let Your Fingers Do the Walking” was. What’s their new campaign? Pretty dang smart if you ask me and PERFECT for them. Says exactly what they represent, #MakingEveryDayLocal.

Recently, June 14th recent, they hosted a brunch at Empire State South. Ever heard of it? What about Chef Hugh Acheson? What about Top Chef? Chef Hugh owns restaurant Empire State South and is one of my favorite judges on Top Chef! So, when YP sent me the invite… HECK YEAH!! Jumped at the opportunity to meet him! Love him! I follow him on Twitter, so I’ve gotten a taste of his personality; but had no idea he was so funny. Really enjoyed listening to him talk about how he started and what he’s up to now. The video below is kind of long, but it’s a pretty good one. Just don’t be hatin’ on the videographer for any unstable shots. I’ll clean it up soon and re-post it here. Taste more…

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Where to start with this one…. maybe that when the sushi came out I was like “oh. em. gee. no.”

Chef Nick Chompoonich, owner of Fuji Hana & Thai Peppers absolutely wanted it to be a memorable occasion, it felt like he rolled out the red carpet. Very much paid close attention to detail and it was clear plating food for him is an art. He was very generous and it was easy to see he’s a good person. Very kind. Liked him a lot.

Chef Nick

Now on to the FOOD!

I pretty much feel like I can let the food speak for itself, but of course I’m going to run my mouth about it.

First up… thugh sushiiiii… I have to admit, it freaked me out a little. I am not a raw seafood person. At all. I was so happy when I found out Chef Nick was serving Teresa, of Red Velvet Confections sushi that had nothing fishy raw in it. I tried her Alaskan Roll, filled with Alaskan King Crab, cucumber, avocado and scallions,topped with salmon tempura and eel sauce. And guess what? It was pretty tasty. For those who might be like me and you’re a scaredy cat, this is perfect for you.

After my daring accomplishment I jumped WAY OUT of my comfort zone… trying to broaden my horizons and all… and tried some of the other sushi; Neo Tokyo Roll, Fired Up Tuna Roll and Bankok Rolls. Of course I had to remove all remits of raw, but I’m getting closer to actually eating raw fish! Before you know it I’ll be craving it! Ok, probably not. But I have to say, everyone at the table that digs sushi really loved all of it. A lot.

Shrimp Taste more…

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What a way to spend a Sunday. Great Mimosas. Great coffee. Great food. Great kitchen products.

Cook’s Warehouse is one of my absolute favorite stores. It’s got everything I need and everything I don’t know I need… yet. Love the place. I could spend hours on end in the store. If you’re in the area and you haven’t taken an afternoon to peruse through, you are doing yourself an injustice.

On May 11th, I was invited to a special brunch for bloggers where Chef Jennifer Hill Booker, of Your Resident Gourmet put on a spread that made me want to hang out with her at least twice a week. This girl can cook!

Our very own Georgia grown Executive Chef, Jennifer Hill Booker, believes that “food should taste like food”. She has spent over 20 years educating people about food, nutrition, and healthy cooking practices. She has her first cookbook out, Field Peas to Foie Gras: Southern Recipes with a French Accent. Grab yourself a copy! This girl knows what she’s doing!


Chef Jennifer’s Brunch Menu

  • Black Eyed Pea Hummus
  • Black Pepper Biscuits with Pimento Cheese
  • Roasted Olives with Preserved Lemons
  • Spring Omelet Roll
  • Orange & Arugula Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette
  • Roasted Gazpacho Soup
  • Chocolate Brownies with Georgia Pecans
  • Featuring Private Label Guyot Choppin Brut from Sherlock’s Wine Merchant

 All the food was southern scrumptious enough to change a yankee to a fan for life.

Mary Moore, founder and owner of The Cook’s Warehouse shared some great spring entertaining and gift ideas with us. I love it when she gives the low down on fun kitchen gadgets and what’s new it the kitchen supplies world.

I received a personal invitation to this event. No money was exchanged. I simply sat, listened and watched a cooking demonstration and heard all the info about some really cool kitchen gadgets and tools. Loved every second of it and all opinions/views are 100% my own.


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The lovely Lauren Patrick of Pretty Southern invited me to her home for an evening of food, drink and fun featuring Georgia Grinders as the theme. Jaime Foster of Georgia Grinders was the “chef” of the evening and really put together on heck of a spread.

BTW… I was invited with the understanding I’d throw up a post of my experience. The only catch is that I am expected to provide an honest overview and recap of my evening. Guess what? I wouldn’t do it any other way, so the info below is 100% mine and mine alone. I should also mention, it’s 100% honest according to my wonderful opinion.

Instead of going into a big shhhhpeeel about the food, I’m going to show you the food and talk about it as you scroll down the page here and get hungry. (Note: excuse the quality for some. They looked really good on my Samsung S4 Mini, but then again… I am blind as a bat sometimes.)

Georgia-Grinders-Almond-Butter-Stuffed-DaesAlmond Butter Stuffed Dates Taste more…

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Show your friends some spice with Tex’s Tacos food truck! They’ll come right to your driveway!


Lauren Patrick of Pretty Southern invited me to stop by her house on a Sunday afternoon and check out her Tex’s Tacos food truck block party. What a smart girl I was for saying yes. I love Mexican food and I’d never tried any from a food truck before. I can tell you this, I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality. I ordered up the Texicana Lime Fries and I was not disappointed. They were loaded with pico de gallo, grilled onions, queso fresco, steak, jalapenos, guacamole and salsa roja. All spell out #SeriousYum™! Taste more…

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Manners & Mimosas – Eating with Erica

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I love what I do in the world of food and I love being a foodie. Running in the circles of foodies is one of the most opportune decisions I’ve ever made to meet great people and eat some really really delicious foods. I have loved every single experience whether the food/service was good or bad. …

Taste more…

CulinaryLocal Hosts Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society for Launch Party at 1Kept

Thumbnail image for CulinaryLocal Hosts Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society for Launch Party at 1Kept

On April 1st, yes… April Fool’s Day, I was one of the lucky guests of CulinaryLocal for their inaugural launch event at 1Kept. No monies were exchanged by either party, unless of course you count the to-go order I placed. Instead we were treated to a five-course experience of some scrumptious delectable edibles and were …

Taste more…