Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies make your brain wheels crank up! When I got my tin I really didn’t know what to expect. I’d tried them recently at an event… thank you Melissa!… and knew I’d really liked the couple I nibbled on, but what about the others that showed up on my doorstep? Eh… “I’ll just sit them here for later.”

What a colossal mistake on my part. I can’t tell you how many times I opened the fridge looking for something chocolate. You know the drill. You have that nagging craving. Again. And you open the fridge door for the umpteenth time KNOWING there is NOTHING in there that will put a lid on that “I gotta have me some chocolate NOW!” It’s like a ritual we women go through every. single. month. Drives me nuts!

So, I’m sitting here on one of those inevitable umpteenth moments, wallowing in devastation… you ladies know what I’m talking about… you want that chocolate and you’re too lazy to take a road trip to go get some… you feel like someone has wronged you and you sit in your little pity party, my eyes inherently scan the room. Again. But what’s this? What’s that sitting over there?! YES! It’s my birthday! Gonna party! …then I shake my butt all the way over (about 10 feet) to that haven of chocolate. What the heck was wrong with me? I had my chocolate! I wronged myself!

Just look at what I had for over 3 weeks! Sitting. Just waiting. What a dummy I am.

What was in my tin?

M&M & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Black & White Cookies

Chocolate Rugelach

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies should have been hard as a rock. Nope.

These cookies should have been nasty dry. Nope.

These cookies should have NOT been delicious. Nope.

Seriously delicious cookies.

You can kick start your no control addiction at Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies website. So not kidding about how good they are. Even after sitting for 3 weeks, they are still moist, chewy and NOT dried out hard, chocolatey and utterly delicious. Grabbing another now. Go get yours… best cookies you’ll find right here.

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Disclosure: I contacted Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies and requested a sample to review. I totally expected a small pack of maybe a couple to try, but they sent me a whole tin! Thank you GJC!! You chocolatey, freshnessly, moistestly, deliciously rock!


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Those who know me, know my love for Marlow’s Tavern. I have never once been disappointed. Ever. The food is ALWAYS delicious and the service is ALWAYS spot on. And honestly? I have never once, not even a whisper, heard anything bad about this place.

Now? Now I’m here to tell you their food news! Be sure to check out the video at the bottom!

Now through closing time on August 1, 2016, Marlow’s is serving up not only from their daily menu, but from their Burgers & Brews seasonal menu.

Burgers & BrewsSTARTERS

Beer & Cheese Soup $6 (LOVE it!)
Full of rich brew flavor and amazing cheesiness! Recommend!

The Red Devils $3 | $5

Loaded Burbank “Skins” $6.5 (LOVE them!)
So, so good. Potatoes perfectly cooked and the mozzarella, provolone and Applewood-smoked bacon really sealed the deal. And that parsilied oil and horseradish cream? OMGoodness.

Marlow's Burgers & Brews Collage
Note: Honey Bourbon Bread Pudding (pictured bottom 2nd from the right above) is NOT part of Marlow’s Burgers & Brews nor their daily menu. It is seasonal and will be back around before you know it!


*Burger Du Jour $pd

*The Classic Burger Dip $16.5

Naked Chicken Burger $11

*Black & Blue Burger (LOVE it!) $12
Perfectly cooked to order temperature and the flavors absolutely compliment each other. This is a melt in your mouth folks!


Chili-Slathered Corn on the Cob $3.5

Red, White & Blue Potato Salad $3.5

find your closest Marlow’s Tavern

tweet Marlow’s Tavern

Thank you Marlow’s Tavern for inviting me in, and thank you so much for comping my meal!

Disclosure: All opinions and views are based on my DELICIOUS & DELIGHTFUL experience, and are 100% my own.



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Sprouts Farmers Markets logo should read… “Here We Grow Again!”

Yep, I’m happy to say my favorite organic grocer is growing again folks; and now Peachtree City residents can fall in love with them too!

Diego (wonderful, bubbly and just an all around great guy) invited me (and the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society) to join in on their day of celebration, and even gifted me a $50 Sprouts gift card! My favorite organics and $50 to stock up on some goodies? Pleeeease… I’m not gonna say no to that! 

This time I made a video of the experience for your viewing pleasure. Have a look.

Marie Spano, MS RD, demonstrated how to make some healthy foods using Sprouts products (and others sold in their stores.) I never would have thought to put black beans in my burgers for more fiber, but definitely trying this the next time I’m throwing some on the grill.

Find a Sprouts Near You!

Tweet with Sprouts

Tweet with Marie Spano, MS RD

Thank you Sprouts for inviting us in, and thank you so much for the $50 gift card I received for attending and telling everyone about your latest location!

Disclosure: All opinions and views are based on my experience, and are 100% my own.

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Imagine. A Chef with an explosion of creative juices running through his culinary veins. A Chef hell bent on surprising and wowing your taste buds. A Chef whose personality resonates in every morsel. A Chef to turn your snobbish culinary attitude into putty in his hands. Who is this Chef? Allow me to introduce you to a Chef that is taking Atlanta by storm. Meet Chef Juan Montier of Chez Montier.


Haven’t heard of Chez Montier yet? No? Then consider yourself lucky you’ve found this and you owe me one. A big one.

“Our mission is to empower the world to live and eat well, through sharing our passion for food and design.” ~Juan Montier, Owner/Chef, Chez Montier

Not too long ago I met my friend and fellow food blogger, Melissa Pelkey-Hass  (of The Front Porch Gourmet) for lunch — on her lunch break from her daytime job — at Leaning Ladder (LL) in Woodstock, Georgia. She’s the mastermind chef there hosting the best cooking classes the Atlanta area has to offer. Let me tell you… the. girl. can. cook! If you’re reading this Melissa… *cough *cough …yes! I’d love to come over for dinner! Anyway, Melissa had a meeting planned with Chef Juan and his lovely wife, Judith Montier to discuss a possible pop-up at LL. So happy I was asked to join them for the afternoon!

Ah… the life of a food blogger.
All details are in the video below.


Chez-Montier-CREAMY-“DEVILED”-EGGS-WITH-SMOKED-CURED-SALMON-2Chef Juan has quite an impressive background that’s lead him where he is today. I had no idea how special this man was I was hanging with! Taste more…

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Travel much? Stay in hotels much? Maybe a little? Then you probably know Astor Chocolate and you just don’t know it. What’s their big secret? Read on! I’m about to out ’em!

Astor-Chocolate-Philips-Arena-Atlanta-Hawks-Pheonix-Suns-Chocolates-8Image courtesy of Astor Chocolate

What do basketball, wine, chocolate and I have in common? A great Atlanta Hawks game against the Phoenix Suns, delicious wine pairings, delectable creamy chocolatey chocolate and me! Recently Astor Chocolate partnered with me to bring the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society and a couple of other influential bloggers together so we could get their big secret out to y’all! What is that big secret? Well, if you have ever stayed in a hotel and unwrapped that piece of chocolate on the pillow, then you have experienced the creamy, chocolatey splendor of Astor Chocolate. That’s right, it could have been theirs you were having that “Oh that’s so good!” moment with. Taste more…

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Once upon a time in a land far, far away… back when the dinosaur roamed… I stood on first base, arm stretched as far as the eye could see. SMACK!! every. single. time. My nickname at all of 4 foot 11? Stretch.

I loved playing softball and if I could have played baseball with the boys, oh yeah! I would have given a run for their money! Competitive was my middle name, and a chance to do it better than the boys? I would have been first in line at sign ups! Taste more…

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There are so many reasons, way to many to list, why you should love Sprouts Farmers Market as much as I do. I walk through the doors and my whole attitude changes. The first time I walked in I immediately knew the place was my kind of place. It exuded fresh, organic, clean eating… it screamed healthy.


My absolute favorite section is the produce. I swear I have never, in any store from New York to Ohio, Missouri to Texas and Florida to Georgia, seen such fresh, CLEAN organics. Taste more…

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Princi Italia sets the bar in Midtown Atlanta

Recently I, and 4 dining companions the first evening, 7  the second evening and 10 the third evening, had the pleasure of trying out one of Atlanta’s young restaurants, about 1-year young, and let me tell you… fresh… service… atmosphere… location… 3-hour validated convenient parking… fantastic! Oh and flavor as intense as it getts… wow. Really wow.

Very recently my sister’s husband passed away in his sleep, so I dragged her along (not really in the mood to do much of anything right now, bless her heart) and from all indication of that evening and after, she’s glad she didn’t back out. She offered more feedback to the servers and chef than any of us! And by the way Princi Italia, Wanda? She is a HUGE food snob. Sometimes, well, worse than what I’ve become. If she doesn’t like something, she has NO qualms letting you know. If you pass her critical taste buds and HIGH expectations, you’ve made it to the big time with your name in neon lights! It’s your Broadway moment! Taste more…

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Happily Eating At the Capital Grill

I have this blogger friend, Milla Williams, the guru behind the blog Happily Eating. She’s special. I’ve known her for over a year now and I’ve watched her blossom in to a full on food, lifestyle, travel blogger. She’s gone from being a home chef in her own right to a blogger you want to …

Taste more…

Hearty Chicken Italian Sausage Soup – First Fresh Review

Have you tried First Fresh Chicken Sausage yet? As I mentioned in my First Fresh Chicken Italian Sausage & Anti-Pasta Over Wild Rice post (link at the bottom of this post), a short time ago I received a Facebook message asking how a company could get their hands on more information about partnering with the …

Taste more…