The only limits to a good Bloody Mary recipe is whatever your imagination limits you to. Just look at the one pictured above. Waffles and chicken, and bacon with an egg! It’s perfect for breakfast!

I recently wrote a review post of the Red Sky Tapas & Bar and realized I didn’t have a recipe for two of my favorite concoctions anywhere, so of course I have to throw one up for the delicious, scrumptious, crave-able and infamous Bloody Mary favorite.

A little smarts for you to get you up to speed on the history of this wonderful beverage’s origin. I took this right from my Red Sky Tapas & Bar – SeriousYum™ Brunch post. Have a look if you’d like to see what you’re missing out on over there. If you’re in the vicinity you might want to find your way over to Red Sky. Their food will not disappoint you. Period.

“Do you know where Bloody Marys originate from? From what I’ve found there are three who claim the fame. Fernand Petiot boasted, proudly I’m sure, he created this spicy concoction way back in 1921while working in the New York Bar in Paris. James Rollins claimed this deliciousness was created in 2010 inside the Hemingway Bar at The Ritz Paris. Then there’s the 21 Club; they have TWO claims! They’re either unfamiliar with the concept that an invention only happens once, and especially not twice on two separate dates. First, they claim bartender Henry Zbikiewicz mixed it up in the 1930s. Their second claim is George Jessel, comedian extraordinaire I’m sure; who was a frequent bar fly in 1939 and supposedly the great inventor.”

There are many Bloody Mary mixes you can purchase, but making your own concoction is worth more than its weight in gold. You control what ingredients and choose the freshness.


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Let’s have Brunch at Red Sky Tapas & Bar!

Your treat!



What’s tapas anyway? Well, it’s a noun and it’s typically served at a bar. Probably with drinks. Could be lots of drinks. Totally up to you. But for the official record, it’s a small Spanish savory dish disguised mostly as appetizers or snacks, and let me tell ya! Red Sky Tapas & Bar gets down on ‘em! Really.

That’s Candy Bacon BTW


I arrived to Red Sky a little late, a girl has to look good and it takes me a little longer than the norm. I got to the table and Denise (AFBS President / welike2cook), Teresa (AFBS Member / RVConfections), Jessica (AFBS Fundraising Committee Chair / Good Eats Mundial) and Jody Rosen (The Rosen Group Atlanta) were already seated and enjoying Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Which did I choose for the day? Bottomless Mimosas of course! If I’m honest though, I really wanted the BMs too; but control is part of the game! A short time after I started sipping (A.K.A. inhaling) my delish Mimosa, Milla (AFBS Treasurer / HappilyEating) arrived.

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Recently I was invited to participate in the Parmigiano Reggiano Academy featuring the fine art of cheese tasting and all I had to do in return was tell you about it! How cool is that?

The Academy was originally a tasting course online and is now a class being held at specialty stores around the country. Online courses are great, but I think bringing it to the public in a more intimate setting is a brilliant move.

I had no idea it was so involved, or rather deserved the respect usually associated with fine wine. The color and texture. The smell. The feel in your mouth. Last, but certainly not least by any means is the very definitive taste. All of them; and make no mistake, there are different flavors. These characteristics are all part of the delectable journey known as savoring Parmigiano Reggiano. I now have a whole new respect for this King of Cheeses, it’s actually quite the elegant experience. Taste more…

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Spe­cial Guest Appear­ances
NASCAR Cham­pion and Hall of Fame mem­ber Bill Elliott

Wayne “Hill Billy” Nix from the Discovery’s hit show Moon­shin­ers

Moon­shine Tastings

Four infor­ma­tive sem­i­nars with tastes and inter­ac­tion

Live Music

Andrews Enter­tain­ment Dis­trict will host the first Andrews Moon­shine Fes­ti­val on Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 18th. Buckhead’s 1st moon­shine fes­ti­val will fea­ture a diverse selec­tion of over 50 local and national moon­shine vari­eties from apple pie to pro­hi­bi­tion tea fla­vors as well as enlight­en­ing sem­i­nars, live music from the Gary Ray Trio and spe­cial guest appearances.

Get Your Tickets!

VIP tick­ets are $60 and include early entry at 1pm.

Gen­eral admis­sion is $30 with doors open­ing at 2pm.

A por­tion of the pro­ceeds will ben­e­fit the Shep­herd Cen­ter, a pri­vate, not-for-profit hos­pi­tal devoted to the med­ical care and reha­bil­i­ta­tion of peo­ple with spinal cord injury and dis­ease, acquired brain injury, mul­ti­ple scle­ro­sis and other neu­ro­mus­cu­lar problems. Taste more…

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This past Sunday, the brilliant inventor and craftsman, Ray Palermo and his brilliant and lovely wife Luchi Palermo welcomed me and four other Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society members into their home for a very tasty demonstration of their HexxCooker and Quad Cooker. These two people know what they’re doing with food.


Let me give you a little history of how and where this state of the art cooker wizardry comes from. Some years ago during a trip to Spain with Luchi, Ray was inspired by a gentlemen cooking paella over an open fire. The technique used lit a fire in Ray and started his journey to invent the HexxCooker, which was born from and is a smaller and lighter version of the Quad Cooker. Taste more…

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On August 28th, I was excited to have a fun filled and delicious night planned at The Atlanta Improv Comedy and Dinner Theatre. Thinking I’d find lots of delicious food, I checked out the menu early in the day so I’d be ready with my order. I don’t know why, but I expected something other than bar food and a good variety of dishes to try. In hindsight I realize that was an unrealistic assumption on my part. After all, a comedy club in itself says more of a bar atmosphere than a fine dining experience. ATLANTA-IMPROV-COMEDY-CLUB-BUCKHEAD The show started at 8:00pm so Denise from WeLike2Cook, her husband and son, and I arrived at about 7:50pm. A couple of the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society members were already seated at one of the two tables reserved for us.

Things I was happy with:

The company I had the pleasure of.
There was no limit and we could order whatever we wanted to. It meant variety!
The staff was very friendly!
The Comedians, they made me laugh. 

Comedian-Andy-Sanford Things I was not happy with:

Couldn’t take a good picture because we weren’t allowed to use the flash in the dark club. Understandably so since it would be distracting, but didn’t like it none the less. I guess I should look on the bright side, a flash would have made me the perfect target for the comedian. I was able to take some pictures using Denise’s iPhone as a dim light over the food.

The slow service. The lack of organized service by the server. He may have been fairly new though. This is the only reason I can come up with.

The food overall didn’t wow me. If out of everything you eat you only like it in an “eh, it’s ok” kind of way, then the taste left in your mouth so to speak, isn’t one that will draw you back for more.

Food I ate:

Buffalo Wings | pretty good, but I won’t go out of my way for them. I recommend.

The Headliner

The Headliner BBQ Egg Rolls, Calamari and Fried Green TomatoesImage Credit: Atlanta Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre

Fried Green Tomatoes topped with a cilantro pesto and goat cheese | enjoyed these the most and I’d definitely order them again. I recommend.

Fried Calamari | so so (I like mine a little crispy.) I recommend (just ask for crispy if you like it that way.)

BBQ Egg Rolls | didn’t really care for them, but others at the table enjoyed them. I cannot recommend.

Main Course

P & J Burger (I think – unfortunately it’s not listed in the online menu so I don’t have the name) | not bad and actually pretty good, but the bleu cheese crumbles took over and the other flavors that attracted me to order it were lost in the mix. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend.

Cheese Fries | the cheese was too bland and just didn’t have much flavor. I cannot recommend.



Dessert Trio | hmm… I don’t really know what to say about these. If they make them at the venue, they really need to rethink the flavors; but I’m guessing they come in pre made and frozen. I’ve gotten better ones in Kroger’s frozen section.

Flourless Italian Chocolate Cake | definitely enjoyed this one the  most. I recommend.

Coconut Cream Pie | it was ok, but nothing to brag about. I recommend but can’t make any promises.

Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding | didn’t care for it. I cannot recommend.

So, out of 9 different dishes I can recommend 5. I’d say that gives them about 3 out of 5 stars. There were three comedians that entertained us and I have to say, I liked them all. The main attraction for the night was Andy Sanford (on the left in the above picture) of Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force and he’s a founding member of the nationally acclaimed comedy tour, The Beards Of Comedy. Even though the other two made me laugh, he was the funniest and I can see why he was the headliner. In wrapping up my views on this event, I have to say I would definitely give them a second try. I’d just order something different, but I’d definitely get those fried green tomatoes again. Other Photos I took, but in no way should these be used to judge the food. I simply couldn’t really get a good shot in the dark club. Sorry. sushilamb-chops-risotto-green-beansP-&-J-Burgercheese-fries

Disclosure: As some of you know, I’m a member of the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society and we accept invitation to experience a restaurant’s menu. It’s the only compensation received and in turn for this I am expected to provide an honest review of my own opinions. This review, it exactly that. In no way does a free meal sway my opinion. These are my personal experiences and all opinions are honest and 100% mine.

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Wordless Wednesday – Slaw Dog

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KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Giveaway | ends 9-25-14

Welcome to the foodie fantastic KitchenAid Artisan Sweepstakes. Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted a KitchenAid® Stand Mixer. But not just any KitchenAid®, I want the best one. The most expensive one. The one with every possible attachment and accessory you can get for it. This has been my kitchen dream for around 28 …

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TECHmunch Atlanta – Sept. 26, 2014

Don’t miss out! Get your tickets today! PRESENTS TECHmunch Atlanta Food Blogger Conference Friday, September 26, 2014   Who should attend?  Bloggers of every level – from hobbyists to media conglomerates and everything in between Brands, PR and Marketing Pros that want to connect and form partnerships with bloggers (mostly lifestyle, food and wine) Atlanta …

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Zeal Modern Eatery – I’m a Believer

Thumbnail image for Zeal Modern Eatery – I’m a Believer

I’ve had two experiences with Zeal, the first was very memorable but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Actually, quite the opposite. I was so disappointed I posted a review on Yelp. BUT. And yes there is a but. I know every place has an off night. Every place can push out food that looks …

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