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Want to WIN a Sprouts Farmers Market $50 Gift Card?

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The winner will be sent a $50 gift card directly from Sprouts Farmers Market.

You can purchase a Sprouts Farmers Market Gift Card on their website.

This giveaway is made possible by Sprouts Farmers Market. I received this $50 Sprouts Farmers Market gift card to give to one of my followers and a $50 gift card to purchase items from one of my local SFMs and prepare a meal. You can see my images of how I rang in 2016 – Bringing in 2016 – Happy New Year to Me!, and recipes will be posted this week! Make sure to check them out!

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When we think of mafia history most of us think of Scarface Al Capone of Chicago, Lucky Luciano, Paul Castellano or Teflon Don John Gotti of NYC, or old world Italy; and even “The Godfather”. The mafia and fraud, yes. But olive oil? Not me. Never even once did I put the two together.

The modern day groups of “mafie” have hit Italian’s where it hurts; the pride and honor of their national cuisine. I feel I should mention right from the get go, I don’t know a single Italian I can think of who is not very proud of their heritage, especially their food. When I think about it, it seems this treasure is sky-high above their fashion and cars. We hear more about Italian cuisine and wine here in America than any other commodity they export. Millions of us seek it out and prepare foods we claim rival Italy’s cuisine. The astounding presence of Italy’s stunning culinary skills in restaurants all across America alone, showcases their astonishing food and really defines the honor and pride they hold dear.

What is Agromafia?

Simply put, it’s mafia food fraud. For example, diluting olive oil and selling it to consumers as the real deal.

If you think only the U.S. is inflicted by the actions of Agromafia’s exports, you’re mistaken. It’s big business for the Italian Mafia and reaches the regions of olive oil lovers in multiple countries. It’s reported Agromafia exporting diluting olive oil to those none the wiser in foreign countries is big business. – Are You a Victim?


Taste more…

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Happy New Year to me! And you!

Here’s how I did it… I slept through it. BUT I was up before the crack of dawn and putting on the black-eyed peas! The day has rolled from there…

I’ve been waiting. I’ve been talking about it. And waiting. I could taste it. Spinach… onions… bacon… dried cranberries…

GOOD GRIEF! It seemed like forever and a day getting that first bite!

It’s 2016. It’s a big deal, my first meal. I had high expectations. I could smell it all cooking and I hadn’t even opened the bacon yet! I washed the spinach two days early… I needed to be ready. No time to spare come New Year’s Day. I cooked the collard greens two days early. Ok, that wasn’t in prep for the big day; I just had absolutely no control. But how could I? I had my homemade pepper sauce sitting in that dang Ball jar taunting me for HOURS!
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Thinking of a place to take your date? Tavernpointe bar & kitchen is the perfect place. The food is delicious, and from my experience is even to die for. Not only will the scrumptious creations make your taste buds slap themselves happy, but the plating is so beautiful your eyes love soaking it all in.

Tavernpointe-AtlantaIt’s clear the staff, all the way from the manger to the to the chef, to the hostess and servers, want you enjoy your visit and walk away from your dining experience with memories of deliciousness served up with a “pampered it’s all about you tonight” delight.

Pictured above…
Mashed Potatoes & Red Eye Gravy
Fresh Baked Dinner Rolls – oh. em. gee. dang!

Smoked 1/2 Chicken Springer Mountain Chicken (Peruvian Style Meats)
with Creamy Bleu Cheese Slaw and Crackling Cornbread

Roasted Autumn Squashes with Sorghum Syrup and Sage

Georgia Shrimp and Grits with Geechie Boy Grits, Tasso Ham,
Sweet Onions, Pickled Okra and Poblano Broth
oh. em. gee. dang!

Smoked Ruby & Golden Beets Salad with Warm Bucheron,
Avocado, Dried and Crushed Strawberries & Hazelnuts

So dang good #Tavernpointe!

For you viewing pleasure…

This is a recap of a previous posting. No money (other than a tip) was exchanged for this meal and review. All opinions are 100% my honest views.
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Ok, I’ve said it many times in my life. I dislike scones. A lot. A whole lot. If they were the last thing on earth I could get to eat, I would pass. They’re hard, brittle and drier than anything else I can put in my mouth. Well, there’s dirt. It’s pretty dang dry, and yes I’ve eaten dirt. But what kid hasn’t? Then of course theirs starch, and yes I’ve eaten starch before. My mom had it in the kitchen when I was a kid. Again, it was a kid thing. Nasty stuff that dirt and starch, and so was every scone I ever put in my mouth. You could never have convinced me there could ever be a scone worthy of the simple little word “good”. Nasty? Yeah, that was perfect. Nasty.
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Congrats to All!!

Grand Prize Winner
Leslie S.
Savory Spice Shop – 6-month spice club membership ($49.00 value!)
Hammer Stahl® 5 1/2? Santoku Knife ($100.00+ value!)
Hammer Stahl® Knife Sharpener ($12.95 value!)
Seven Sisters Scones Basket of Baked Goodies ($ 40 value 1 winner)
The Broad Fork by Chef Hugh Acheson Signed Copy! ($35.00 value! 1 winner!)
Winner will be notified by email by midnight tonight (12/19/2015) by 11:59pm EST! 
2nd Place Winner
Ellen B.
Savory Spice Shop – 6-month spice club membership ($49.00 value!)
Christmas 101 Cookbook by Rick Rogers ($14.00+ value!)
Drinking the Devil’s Acre by Duggan McDonnell ($18.00+ value!)
 Winner will be notified by email by midnight tonight (12/19/2015) by 11:59pm EST!
Individual Prize Winners
Savory Spice Shop – 6-month spice club membership ($49.00 value 4 winners!)
Mary S.
Dorothy B.
Kristina M.
All winners will be notified by email by midnight tonight (12/19/2015) by 11:59pm EST!
Seven Sisters Scones Basket of Baked Goodies ($ 40 value 3 winners!)
Kelly D.
Noreen L.
All winners will be notified by email by midnight tonight (12/19/2015) by 11:59pm EST!
All products in this holiday gift guide giveaway were not prizes (as stated in the giveaway) but all products in this holiday gift guide giveaway are recommended as holiday gifts.
All prize will be shipped to winners by 1/18/2016 from either Do.Food.Better. or from the Brand(s) directly.
All winners will have until 12/22/2015 at 11:59pm EST to reply with a valid mailing address to claim their prize(s). If no claim is made via email (only) by this deadline, a new winner will be randomly selected and replaced as the winner of said prize(s). A newly selected replacement winner will have 3-days to claim their prize(s).
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Those who know me, know The Cook’s Warehouse is a favorite. It’s not just because my salivary glands instantly sense my eye’s chaotic excitement before I even get through the door. Although, I’m sure with that visual you can understand why that could be a stand alone for reasoning. As a side note, I acknowledge the thought of me drooling is not a pleasant thought.

The Cook’s Warehouse has invited me to more than a few events going on at their Midtown store location, and…


logoAside from LOVING all the products on their shelves (and floor) – always well stocked btw – there’s this thing they have in the back of the store, I call it… food lovin’ foodie paradise. They probably refer to it fondly as their professional chef’s kitchen where they hold cooking classes regularly. Sorry TCW, mine just sounds more exotic and sexy.
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logoWhat’s better than an absolutely delicious brunch? Eating it at The Cook’s Warehouse while you have the very engaging Mary S. Moore, Founder & CEO, walking you throughMary & Me Selfie some of the latest products featured as some of the best holiday gift idea for the 2015 season. Top that off with the very enthusiastic, motivational Chef Mandy Landefeld, who just so happens to know how to tear up a kitchen people and there you have it… better occurs. Taste more…

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ONE. midtown kitchen – a media event

Recently ONE. MIDTOWN KITCHEN hosted a media event at their Atlanta, Georgia location to get the word out change is coming. Yours truly had the pleasure of a personal invitation, so after researching the restaurant I happily R.S.V.P.’d yes please. When I walked in the first thing that grabbed my attention was the decor. “There …

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Yummy Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

Thumbnail image for Yummy Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED TODAY 12/19/2015 AT 6:00pm EST (PICKED AT RANDOM by a giveaway tool) ON OUR WINNERS PAGE!A link to our Winners Page will also be listed here. …………………………………….. Do.Food.Better. is happy to share it’s hosting a Yummy Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! Be sure to enter for your chance to …

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