On April 1st, yes… April Fool’s Day, I was one of the lucky guests of Culinary Local for their inaugural launch event at 1Kept. No monies were exchanged by either party, unless of course you count the to-go order I placed. Instead we were treated to a five-course experience of some scrumptious delectable edibles and were privy to an inside peak to Culinary Local’s new website launching very soon. And by “we”, I mean some of us Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society members.

Culinary Local Logo

Thaddeus Keefe, owner of 1Kept and his team displayed and explained each piece of the five-course meal along our food journey. 1Kept’s fabulously talented master mixologist and bar manager, Jonathon Turner paired each dish with one of his designer cocktails specially made for the evening. Each dish came featuring local grown produce provided by The Turnip Truck. The produce included some of my favorites, like Vidalia onions, arugula, fingerling potatoes and CILANTRO! Guess which is my favorite? Cilantro didn’t stop at making its appearance in the food, it was showcased in at least one drink and my other favorite herb, basil made it’s way into the finale designer drink. I’m disappointed to say I couldn’t sample the last drink, my tummy can’t handle whiskey anymore. Not since I was a showoff at 19 years of age. Advice… don’t drink Jack Daniels straight on the rocks. Well, not a lot of it anyway. Having to give up its flavor because of stupidity isn’t worth it. :/

Some concoctions Jonathon mixed up worthy of wetting your whistle… taste more…

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Most people stopping by DoFoodBetter to check out the #SeriousYum™, know there’s a good chance they’re going to read about another fabulously tasty event I’ve had the pleasure to attend. It’s one of the perks I am lucky to have being part of the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society, this here is no exception. I’m invited to spend some time with talented chefs, chow down on some incredibly delicious foods and in return, I just have to tell you my honest to goodness views and opinion about it. I love it, but what’s not to love? Yep, that’s called a disclosure.

Before this night I’d never heard of Christophe’s To Go or Second Self Beer, and I’d heard of Piece of Cake but that’s it, just heard of it. taste more…

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950 W. Peachtree St. N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
(404) 815-0323

It had been a bit of a long day, so I was happy to sit down and have a drink with appetizers in the company of some of my favorite people. It didn’t hurt that we had a window seat in midtown and that the lights were dimmed either. It made it easy to sit back and relax. Marlow’s Tavern wasn’t small by any means, which normally for me means impersonal, cold feel to it, business like, and not a place to “call your own” kinda hangout. This place has the perfect atmosphere for someone who prefers smaller, more rustic, come on in and make yourself feel at home taverns. I will definitely go back.

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a tequila chick. I don’t drink it often, but I love, love, love it. So it makes sense my drink of choice, from a pretty long list of beverages that sounded amazing, was the Skinny Ginger Margarita. Let me tell you… yes. yes. and. yes. If for no other reason, I’d go back just for this puppy. It’s a little on the sweet side for this diabetic, but I highly recommend it and I will have this sucker again. It’s good schidt.

Skinny_Ginger_MargaritaMarlow’s brought out a number of foods for us to try, I’ve selected my favorites to tell you about.

Way back in 1984 I had the pleasure to visit and dine at the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont. I had this appetizer made up of some kind of mushrooms and cream sauce over toast. I have craved it from time to time since and never made it back to the Lodge to have it again. I have looked for recipes and dishes at restaurants since, trying to find something at least similar. Never happened.

Then, Marlow’s happened. taste more…

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The only limits to a good Bloody Mary recipe is whatever your imagination limits you to. Just look at the one pictured above. Waffles and chicken, and bacon with an egg! It’s perfect for breakfast!

I recently wrote a review post of the Red Sky Tapas & Bar and realized I didn’t have a recipe for two of my favorite concoctions anywhere, so of course I have to throw one up for the delicious, scrumptious, crave-able and infamous Bloody Mary favorite.

A little smarts for you to get you up to speed on the history of this wonderful beverage’s origin. I took this right from my Red Sky Tapas & Bar – SeriousYum™ Brunch post. Have a look if you’d like to see what you’re missing out on over there. If you’re in the vicinity you might want to find your way over to Red Sky. Their food will not disappoint you. Period.

“Do you know where Bloody Marys originate from? From what I’ve found there are three who claim the fame. Fernand Petiot boasted, proudly I’m sure, he created this spicy concoction way back in 1921while working in the New York Bar in Paris. James Rollins claimed this deliciousness was created in 2010 inside the Hemingway Bar at The Ritz Paris. Then there’s the 21 Club; they have TWO claims! They’re either unfamiliar with the concept that an invention only happens once, and especially not twice on two separate dates. First, they claim bartender Henry Zbikiewicz mixed it up in the 1930s. Their second claim is George Jessel, comedian extraordinaire I’m sure; who was a frequent bar fly in 1939 and supposedly the great inventor.”

There are many Bloody Mary mixes you can purchase, but making your own concoction is worth more than its weight in gold. You control what ingredients and choose the freshness.


Taste more…

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Let’s have Brunch at Red Sky Tapas & Bar!

Your treat!



What’s tapas anyway? Well, it’s a noun and it’s typically served at a bar. Probably with drinks. Could be lots of drinks. Totally up to you. But for the official record, it’s a small Spanish savory dish disguised mostly as appetizers or snacks, and let me tell ya! Red Sky Tapas & Bar gets down on ‘em! Really.

That’s Candy Bacon BTW


I arrived to Red Sky a little late, a girl has to look good and it takes me a little longer than the norm. I got to the table and Denise (AFBS President / welike2cook), Teresa (AFBS Member / RVConfections), Jessica (AFBS Fundraising Committee Chair / Good Eats Mundial) and Jody Rosen (The Rosen Group Atlanta) were already seated and enjoying Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Which did I choose for the day? Bottomless Mimosas of course! If I’m honest though, I really wanted the BMs too; but control is part of the game! A short time after I started sipping (A.K.A. inhaling) my delish Mimosa, Milla (AFBS Treasurer / HappilyEating) arrived.

Taste more…

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Recently I was invited to participate in the Parmigiano Reggiano Academy featuring the fine art of cheese tasting and all I had to do in return was tell you about it! How cool is that?

The Academy was originally a tasting course online and is now a class being held at specialty stores around the country. Online courses are great, but I think bringing it to the public in a more intimate setting is a brilliant move.

I had no idea it was so involved, or rather deserved the respect usually associated with fine wine. The color and texture. The smell. The feel in your mouth. Last, but certainly not least by any means is the very definitive taste. All of them; and make no mistake, there are different flavors. These characteristics are all part of the delectable journey known as savoring Parmigiano Reggiano. I now have a whole new respect for this King of Cheeses, it’s actually quite the elegant experience. Taste more…

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Andrews Moonshine Festival 2014

Thumbnail image for Andrews Moonshine Festival 2014

Spe­cial Guest Appear­ances NASCAR Cham­pion and Hall of Fame mem­ber Bill Elliott Wayne “Hill Billy” Nix from the Discovery’s hit show Moon­shin­ers Moon­shine Tastings Sem­i­nars Four infor­ma­tive sem­i­nars with tastes and inter­ac­tion Live Music Andrews Enter­tain­ment Dis­trict will host the first Andrews Moon­shine Fes­ti­val on Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 18th. Buckhead’s 1st moon­shine fes­ti­val will fea­ture a diverse selec­tion …

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Ray Palermo Cooks Up a Feast – Quad Cooker and Hexx Cooker

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This past Sunday, the brilliant inventor and craftsman, Ray Palermo and his brilliant and lovely wife Luchi Palermo welcomed me and four other Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society members into their home for a very tasty demonstration of their HexxCooker and Quad Cooker. These two people know what they’re doing with food. Let me give you …

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Dinner and Andy Sanford at Atlanta Improv Comedy Club – Review

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On August 28th, I was excited to have a fun filled and delicious night planned at The Atlanta Improv Comedy and Dinner Theatre. Thinking I’d find lots of delicious food, I checked out the menu early in the day so I’d be ready with my order. I don’t know why, but I expected something other than …

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Wordless Wednesday – Slaw Dog

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