I’ve had two experiences with Zeal, the first was very memorable but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Actually, quite the opposite. I was so disappointed I posted a review on Yelp. BUT. And yes there is a but. I know every place has an off night. Every place can push out food that looks beautiful and not be so pretty on the inside, or even leave a pretty taste in your mouth. Eh… bad days happen.

Zeal Collage

So, I forced my closed mind open on this sealed deal of, “Nope. Never going back there. Nope they do not get my traditional 2nd chance. Too much went wrong the first time. Done.” I decided not to revoke my “yes I’m going” invite to no thank you! AND. Yes there is an and. Taste more…

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How does a person start their day thinking it’s July 31st, mid-day know it’s August 1st, then never put it together throughout the day that it never was July 31st at all today? Well, I did it. It would be no big deal any other time if it weren’t for the fact I promised to have this post up by the 31st. You’ll understand why this is important in a moment.

Disclosure: I received no compensation from Garnish & Gather for this challenge.

One of my favorite salads; it’s down right addicting. I crave it for weeks and then can go for a couple of months before the craving hits me again. Most times I consider all the fixin’s of it a staple in my kitchen. I get really bothered when I don’t have everything I need. Lucky for me most of the ingredients are definitely kitchen staples in my house, and I’m pretty sure any kitchen.

Mozzarella and Tomato Salad 026

Taste more…

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In recent weeks I had the pleasure of dining at Infusion Bistro. I have to say, it turned out to have some surprises for me. I tried something I never thought would cross these lips, and foods that have me craving more. Now, sit back, relax and let me make you taste it.

Infusion Bistro Taste more…

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Oh! Em! Gee!

NY Sirloin and Scallops

Yes, I know. It may not the best choice to start my review but honey child

Oh! Em! Gee!

The place. . . Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse.

The location. . . excellent.

The interior. . . excellent.

The hostess. . . friendly and very gracious. She took my information and escorted me to my party right away. Yes, I know this is her job, but she did it with a smile most hostesses don’t.
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Eat The Kids First

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My first event as an official Atlanta Food Bloggers Society member. . . 

EatingWithErica.com & Salt Yard little-black-dress 3-18-14

Eating with Erica at the Salt Yard Atlanta

. . .was the perfect occasion for my Sunday time. There were lots of women full personality, even a few men and  the room was pretty much jumping the whole time. The photogs were nice and on top of their game, they had some of those girls posing like celebrities. But then again, they could have been local celebrities and I just haven’t been back in Atlanta long enough to know it yet! Read more…

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