What a way to spend a Sunday. Great Mimosas. Great coffee. Great food. Great kitchen products.

Cook’s Warehouse is one of my absolute favorite stores. It’s got everything I need and everything I don’t know I need… yet. Love the place. I could spend hours on end in the store. If you’re in the area and you haven’t taken an afternoon to peruse through, you are doing yourself an injustice.

On May 11th, I was invited to a special brunch for bloggers where Chef Jennifer Hill Booker, of Your Resident Gourmet put on a spread that made me want to hang out with her at least twice a week. This girl can cook!

Our very own Georgia grown Executive Chef, Jennifer Hill Booker, believes that “food should taste like food”. She has spent over 20 years educating people about food, nutrition, and healthy cooking practices. She has her first cookbook out, Field Peas to Foie Gras: Southern Recipes with a French Accent. Grab yourself a copy! This girl knows what she’s doing!


Chef Jennifer’s Brunch Menu

  • Black Eyed Pea Hummus
  • Black Pepper Biscuits with Pimento Cheese
  • Roasted Olives with Preserved Lemons
  • Spring Omelet Roll
  • Orange & Arugula Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette
  • Roasted Gazpacho Soup
  • Chocolate Brownies with Georgia Pecans
  • Featuring Private Label Guyot Choppin Brut from Sherlock’s Wine Merchant

 All the food was southern scrumptious enough to change a yankee to a fan for life.

Mary Moore, founder and owner of The Cook’s Warehouse shared some great spring entertaining and gift ideas with us. I love it when she gives the low down on fun kitchen gadgets and what’s new it the kitchen supplies world.

I received a personal invitation to this event. No money was exchanged. I simply sat, listened and watched a cooking demonstration and heard all the info about some really cool kitchen gadgets and tools. Loved every second of it and all opinions/views are 100% my own.


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The lovely Lauren Patrick of Pretty Southern invited me to her home for an evening of food, drink and fun featuring Georgia Grinders as the theme. Jaime Foster of Georgia Grinders was the “chef” of the evening and really put together on heck of a spread.

BTW… I was invited with the understanding I’d throw up a post of my experience. The only catch is that I am expected to provide an honest overview and recap of my evening. Guess what? I wouldn’t do it any other way, so the info below is 100% mine and mine alone. I should also mention, it’s 100% honest according to my wonderful opinion.

Instead of going into a big shhhhpeeel about the food, I’m going to show you the food and talk about it as you scroll down the page here and get hungry. (Note: excuse the quality for some. They looked really good on my Samsung S4 Mini, but then again… I am blind as a bat sometimes.)

Georgia-Grinders-Almond-Butter-Stuffed-DaesAlmond Butter Stuffed Dates Taste more…

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Show your friends some spice with Tex’s Tacos food truck! They’ll come right to your driveway!


Lauren Patrick of Pretty Southern invited me to stop by her house on a Sunday afternoon and check out her Tex’s Tacos food truck block party. What a smart girl I was for saying yes. I love Mexican food and I’d never tried any from a food truck before. I can tell you this, I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality. I ordered up the Texicana Lime Fries and I was not disappointed. They were loaded with pico de gallo, grilled onions, queso fresco, steak, jalapenos, guacamole and salsa roja. All spell out #SeriousYum™! Taste more…

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I love what I do in the world of food and I love being a foodie. Running in the circles of foodies is one of the most opportune decisions I’ve ever made to meet great people and eat some really really delicious foods. I have loved every single experience whether the food/service was good or bad. The fact I make no money directly from it, does not matter. Don’t get me wrong, it’d be great to get paid to have dinner somewhere but I’m good with no money exchanging hands.

One of my recent opportunities was having the pleasure of being invited to and attending Eating With Erica’s Manner’s & Mimosas event at Tin Can Fish House & Oyster Bar. It’s always a good time when Erica Key throws an event together, so I love being a part of it whenever I can.

Eating-with-Erica-Manners-Mimosas-Tin-Can-FishHouseThis particular gathering was centered around two topics and guests were invited to learn some tips about marketing and social media from expert Melissa D. White, and the ins and outs of wine etiquette from Coach and Certified Wine Specialist, Lizette C. Leanza (Gourmet Uncorked).

So let’s see… good food, drinks, marketing tips and wine talk? It was a no-brainer for planning my Sunday. And, Taste more…

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On April 1st, yes… April Fool’s Day, I was one of the lucky guests of CulinaryLocal for their inaugural launch event at 1Kept. No monies were exchanged by either party, unless of course you count the to-go order I placed. Instead we were treated to a five-course experience of some scrumptious delectable edibles and were privy to an inside peak to CulinaryLocal’s new website launching very soon. And by “we”, I mean some of us Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society members.

Culinary Local Logo

Thaddeus Keefe, owner of 1Kept and his team displayed and explained each piece of the five-course meal along our food journey. 1Kept’s fabulously talented master mixologist and bar manager, Jonathon Turner paired each dish with one of his designer cocktails specially made for the evening. Each dish came featuring local grown produce provided by The Turnip Truck. The produce included some of my favorites, like Vidalia onions, arugula, fingerling potatoes and CILANTRO! Guess which is my favorite? Cilantro didn’t stop at making its appearance in the food, it was showcased in at least one drink and my other favorite herb, basil made it’s way into the finale designer drink. I’m disappointed to say I couldn’t sample the last drink, my tummy can’t handle whiskey anymore. Not since I was a showoff at 19 years of age. Advice… don’t drink Jack Daniels straight on the rocks. Well, not a lot of it anyway. Having to give up its flavor because of stupidity isn’t worth it. :/

Some concoctions Jonathon mixed up worthy of wetting your whistle… taste more…

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On March 12th I attended one of the best events I’ve had the pleasure of. The room was filled with excitement and an atmosphere was a buzz! Culinary Fight Club Atlanta at the Doubletree Hotel in Buckhead, (which has taken Chicago by storm) had the culinary throw down of all throw downs! Bobby Flay ain’t got nothin’ on this throw down!


The rules were simple.

  1. Use Stout Beer in the dish.
  2. Chef’s own personal 3 secret raw/unprepared/uncooked ingredients. (Optional, but you know they did!)
  3. Include at least one “green” ingredient.
  4. Select ingredients from the panty. (60 seconds)
  5. Fire up the burner and throw down! (60 minutes)
  6. Be judged!

Simple, right?

When the time clock started ticking each competitor had 60 seconds to grab as much as they could from the pantry (table in the middle of the room loaded with fresh ingredients) and then 60 minutes to prepare what they thought was a winner!


Atlanta was chosen as the next “hub” for this exciting cooking competition by Culinary Fight Club Founder, Jiwon McCartney. “We have Culinary Fight Club once a month in Chicago with all proceeds going toward our sister organization, Fight 2Feed. We hope to build our reputation in Atlanta with the goal of having monthly competitions here as well. We are starting with our Stout and greens challenge in March and hope to have a BBQ challenge in June.” (I cannot wait!)


Atlanta’s 1st Competitors?

Chef Richard Green, Executive Chef of the Doubletree Buckhead

Chef Sophia Lin Kanno of Legendary Events

Chef Andrew Tokas of Domaine Wines

Who got 1st PLACE winning a Golden Ticket to the 2015 World Food Championships? How about 2nd and 3rd?

WINNER!! Chef Richard Green

2nd PLACE!!  Chef Sophia Lin Kanno

3rd PLACE!! Chef Andrew Tokas
Doesn’t matter that he was 3rd. They were all winners if you ask me.

Great cause. Great people. Great food. Great time.

Disclosure:  As an Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society Member I was invited to attend and participate in this event. No money was exchanged and all opinions/views are 100% mine.

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