Imagine. A Chef with an explosion of creative juices running through his culinary veins. A Chef hell bent on surprising and wowing your taste buds. A Chef whose personality resonates in every morsel. A Chef to turn your snobbish culinary attitude into putty in his hands. Who is this Chef? Allow me to introduce you to a Chef that is taking Atlanta by storm. Meet Chef Juan Montier of Chez Montier.


Haven’t heard of Chez Montier yet? No? Then consider yourself lucky you’ve found this and you owe me one. A big one.

“Our mission is to empower the world to live and eat well, through sharing our passion for food and design.” ~Juan Montier, Owner/Chef, Chez Montier

Not too long ago I met my friend and fellow food blogger, Melissa Pelkey-Hass  (of The Front Porch Gourmet) for lunch — on her lunch break from her daytime job — at Leaning Ladder (LL) in Woodstock, Georgia. She’s the mastermind chef there hosting the best cooking classes the Atlanta area has to offer. Let me tell you… the. girl. can. cook! If you’re reading this Melissa… *cough *cough …yes! I’d love to come over for dinner! Anyway, Melissa had a meeting planned with Chef Juan and his lovely wife, Judith Montier to discuss a possible pop-up at LL. So happy I was asked to join them for the afternoon!

Ah… the life of a food blogger.
All details are in the video below.


Chez-Montier-CREAMY-“DEVILED”-EGGS-WITH-SMOKED-CURED-SALMON-2Chef Juan has quite an impressive background that’s lead him where he is today. I had no idea how special this man was I was hanging with!

From Chez Montier’s About Page…

“At Chez Montier, Juan strives to infuse his passion for food and design in his clients and in all who enjoy his food and work with him to enhance their environment.”

This? This I wanted to take home in a bucket. A full bucket.
Details are in the video below.




Juan’s culinary talents have been featured On…

  • ABC’s nationally syndicated TV show “The View”
  • WXIA’s “Atlanta & CO”
  • “Atlanta Plugged In” on CBS46
  • Radio show “The Steve Harvey Morning Show”
  • Radio Show “V103 Morning Show”

He’s Got Some Celebrity Chops Too Folks!

  • Diana Ross
  • Ce Ce Winans
  • Steve Harvey
  • Usher

Yep! You get all the details in the video below!

Chez-Montier-Herbs-de-Provence-Encrusted-Braised-Lamb-Shank-4His Business Chops Get Down Too!

  • DeBeers
  • Ford
  • Delta Airlines
  • Emory University
  • The Boys Scouts of America
  • Publix Super Market
  • Macy’s Department Store
  • Hillshire Farms
  • Calvin Klein

And Some Decor Chops Too People!

You can read all about Chef Juan here.

Chef Juan isn’t the only one with a lifestyle full of excitement. Judith too has her own rights to being special. I remember how I was speechless (yes it happens). Imagine watching TV on drives to and from places in a limo. Now imagine the last super star diva entertainer you’d expect to be cruising in a stretch with.

Chez-Montier-Spring-Fling-Judith-MontierPictured front and center, Judith is full of spunk and personality!

“I had no idea I’d gotten Dianna Ross addicted to Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi! We pulled up in her limo and she sent me in for one of everything! I’d clean him out!”

See? Speechless. And pahleeze… you would have been too. So stop it. But my amazement didn’t stop there. Judith DATED that Soup Nazi for a short time and even introduced Diana Ross to his soups. They’d drive up in her limo and Judith would jump out and run in, and buy out his soups! Then they’d dash off to where ever Diana had to be. Me? I want to be the one who authors her book! Now, I just need to get her to start spilling the beans!

“Those were the days!!!” ~Judith Montier

Pop-Up restaurants are becoming all the rave across the country, and most likely across the globe. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few, and I have never been disappointed by one single Chef. It’s clear they all put their hearts into what they do. Chef Juan, just like the others does too. It’s evident they all plan for days to pull off the perfect dinner menu, and Chef Juan clearly does the same. What’s different about Chef Juan? Well, that would be his contagious personality and smile. Oh, and those genuine bear hugs he gives! AND his culinary creations, presentation and attention to detail. Perfection. Perfection. Perfection. Everything. Must. Be. Perfect. from the time you walk through the door and lay your eyes on the decor. From the time you see the themed cocktails, to the moment they’re doing a “splash dance” wetting your whistle. From the time the aroma from the kitchen hits your nose, to the exquisite courtship the food pursues on your taste buds. Food chivalry? Yep, that’s what is different and special about Chef Juan; and you heard it here first folks. He’s got the food chivalry thing going on. Want proof? I “gots me” some proof people!

Yep! That video I’ve been talking about!

Sorry, the video will be back soon!


Our 7-Course Chez Montier Spring Fling Menu

Themed Beverages

champagne & Limòcello cocktail | with a crystallized lemon curl

“Nor’Easter” | bourbon, lime juice, maple syrup & ginger

First Course

creamy “deviled” eggs with smoked cured salmon

terrine of foie gras with fig jam spoonful topped with shallot créme & crystallized poached fig

spring corn pudding topped with colossal lump crab & Parmesan cheese

Second Course

ginger & juniper berry carrot soup with roasted carrots topped with duck confit

Third Course

white & green asparagus & green peas on baby arugula topped with “Saga” blue cheese

Fourth Course

classic honey sweetened, lemon, mint & ginger granita

Fifth Course

quinoa & onion with roasted baby artichokes

Sixth Course

herbs de provence” encrusted mesquite grilled lamb shank with roasted onion & fennel

Seventh Course

deconstructed “strawberry shortcake” with lavender flower honey cream mouse & chambord macerated strawberries garnished with toasted pound cake cubes


If you entertain. If you like to impress. If you want to be impressed, then Chez Montier fits the bill on any occasion. Want to keep in the loop with Chez Montier? Here, I’ll make it easy for you…

@ChezMontier on Twitter

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Thank you Chez Montier, Chef Juan and Judith for including me in such an amazing experience. Symposium Wines was the perfect venue and I. Loved. Every. Single. Bite!

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post. All view and opinions are based on my own experience.



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