Honored to Be on the Judging Panel 2017

This is not a sponsored review and I was not asked to write a post in exchange for participation.

My first year sitting on the Judges Panel was so much fun and so rewarding, when I was asked to join a panel for The Cook's Warehouse's 2017 Cooking Class Iron Chef Competition I quickly confirmed! No way did I want to miss out on this years! Being a food blogger it's always fun to see young people, some really young, learning new skills and mastering flavors. And these 2017 kids? The didn't disappoint; if anything they really jumped it up a level.

I arrived on time and claimed my seat on the end of the Judges Table. I always try to plant myself where I'm not going to disrupt anyone, or at least as little as possible. I said my hellos and learned the names of the other judges, and hopefully 5 new friends, and spilled a little about myself. And of course I walked away with some business cards. In my line of business it's always good to collect 'em! You never know who you can help or who can help you or someone you know.

There were 3 teams of 4 in the competition and I could tell they were all so excited to show off what they'd learned. And let me tell you; these kids paid attention! They showed tons of creativity and their flavors were, well, OMGoodness good! I really hope I'm invited back in 2018; it is a very rewarding experience for the kids and I'm so appreciative I when I get to witness their pride.

The Butter Wrappers Team

What's the first thing I noticed? Lively and full of energy, and eager for some photo posing. Can't you tell? Just look at those cute little ladies' big smiles! I loved it!

1st Course
Asparagus Soup

My favorite from the team. For this soup they added garlic and oregano. Never would I have added oregano if I'd made it. Just not a huge fan. But this soup? Oregano and all was DELICIOUS!

Poor image quality but I loved it so much I had to use it. So upset I don't have a good one for you.

2nd Course
Chicken Pasta

Loved the flavor of the sauce and the pasta was cooked perfectly. Loved the basil leaf topping the chicken; it added freshness to the dish's flavor.

3rd Course
Quinoa Salad

My favorite salad of the day.
Perfectly combined flavors and the dressing didn't overwhelm the salad. All the flavors came through in each bite

4th Course
Berries Shortcake

Ok, this thing was freaking good! The biscuit was topped with a cream the ladies whipped up, strawberries and black berries, drizzled with white chocolate, and if memory serves me right it's topped with a golden raspberry! First time I've ever tasted a golden yellow raspberry and I have to say I liked it better than the red ones.

Knives of the Round Cutting Board Team

What's the first thing I noticed here? Well, the secont thing I noticed was four sweet fellas who'd worked hard on their dishes and turned a mistake into my favorite mac and cheese of the day! And the first? How cute they all looked standing there towering over the short little fella. So dang cute!

1st Course
Quiona Salad

Great presentation here and not over dressed. The perfect amount of dressing to let every ingredient shine.

2nd Course
Stuffed Burger

This little burger was packed with flavor! Stuffed with onions and bell peppers, it was cooked to perfection. When we were giving tips to the teams at the end, and right before the winning team was announced, I told them I liked it so much I'd be making this at home really soon.

Another not so great image quality.

3rd Course
Mac 'n Cheese

One of my very favorites of the day. Perfect creaminess, with perfect crunchy topping, and topped with perfectly cooked bacon. I heard one of the boys made a point to tell his team to hold off cooking the bacon. He wanted it to cook right up until it was time to plate and serve us so it didn't overcook.
You can see the burger with the dipping sauce was served plated with the mac 'n cheese. Good presentation!

4th Course
Berries Shortcake in a Martini Glass

I really liked this, of course, and had a hard time letting it go. The fruit was so good ontop of the crumbled biscuit.
And you can see those cute little burgers there!

The Heal Weap Team

What's the first thing I notice in the pictures? Two of the beautiful ladies are missing! I can't find a picture of them all together except for the picture at the very top (positioned far left in the image) of this post! They're all so cute and were so dang sweet!

1st Course
Mac 'n Cheese

This mac 'n cheese was had the strongest cheesy flavor of the day. It came REAL close to winning me over as the best of the day! Just look at it. You know you want some.

2nd Course
Quinoa Salad

Fantastic flavors in this one. The ladies did a really good job.

3rd Course
Chicken Pasta

Absolutely one of the best sauces I've EVER had. I cannot believe kids came up with it! They roasted veggies and puréed them into a sauce. Brilliant flavor. Really. And that chicken? Cooked to perfection. I can't even do that, and look at that plating presentation! These girls knocked it out of the park!

4th Course
Chocolate Cake

OMGoodness people! Talk about chocolatey goodness. Could have lick that frosting bowl! And just look how pretty! So much effort went into this cake. These girls did it up!

Thank you.

I'd like to thank The Cook's Warehouse for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of the kids experience. I know they much anxiously wait for the big day and the anticipation of the Kid's Iron Chef Competition must be as rewarding as taking the class and the chance to reign with some serious bragging rights.  Thank you so much for including .

Favorite Starter

Asparagus Soup
The Butter Wrappers killed it!

Favorite Main Course

Mac 'n Cheese
The Knives of the Round Cutting Board nailed it!

Favorite Dessert

Chocolate Cake
The Heal Weaps had my taste buds doing a happy dance!

Summing it all up.

Whether it's a cooking class for kids or one for adults, or you need a new kitchen toy or that chef's knife, or really anything to make your kitchen complete, The Cook's Warehouse is truly a wonderful place with wonderful people, and has a lot to offer anyone who walks through their door or lands on their website.

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  2. They have top name brands galore to select from.
  3. They have unbeatable customer service.
  4. They have cooking classes for all ages.
  5. Offer blade sharpening.
  6. And more!

You should make a point to do yourself a favor and stop into one of my absolutely favorite stores. What? Can't make it in, no problem. Just visit their online store. While you're there, check out these two knife sets, Global Sai 6 Piece Knife Block Set and the Wusthof Classic 12 Piece Knife Block Set I'm dying to get my hands one and tell me which one you think I should give a new home to first.


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