The Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society’s VP Marketing & Branding, Melissa Pelkey-Hass, hit the ground running the day she was voted as our new latest and greatest! She’s really amazing and absolutely sitting in the right seat on our Board. On Sunday, the day before Spring, she may as well have been the Babe Ruth of events, because the lady hit it out of the park! It “Hello Spring!” and let the games begin! Thank you, Melissa! The ladies of the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society were swept away by bubbles, pampering, and lunch! Score!

Don’t you just love it when you have something special planned? You don’t often do anything to treat yourself. You have something coming that rocks you with so much anticipation it rattles your brain. You’ve been counting down the days, and now counting the hours. Tic Toc!

The night before. Oh boy! Yep, you know you’ve got to throw those sheets back early… you’ve got a BIG DAY! It’s ALL about YOU!

  • Breakfast Muffin Ready check
  • Coffee Cup in the Keurig check 
  • Pod Inserted check 
  • Outfit Ready check 
  • Alarm Set  check

What happened next?

  • Sleep Through Alarm check
  • Wake Up Late check
  • Head Out for Event 5 mins Late check – not a bad “hustle it”!
  • 1st ATM… down check
  • Gas? Light isn’t on yet so livin’ on the edge check
  • GPS Wonky This All About Me Day check

When it rains it pours! But seriously! How could I sleep through the alarm?? Oh, yeah… couldn’t stop thinking about L’OCCITANE and brunch. Rewind to 3:36 a.m. still awake.

Finally, my hand is on L’OCCITANE‘s door and I take that first step inside. Look at all that beautiful stuff! What’s that I hear? A harp? Thank you, Harpist Julie Koenig! Who’s that back there getting that massage? Who’s that in the other corner getting a mini-facial? And the one right there getting one?! What are those ladies doing to their hands?! “Oh yeah! This is MY day!”

A little background on L’Occitane…

With nothing but an alambic, a small truck and a solid knowledge of plants, Olivier Baussan, at the age of 23, distills Rosemary essential oil which he sells on the local markets of Provence. The L’OCCITANE journey begins.

1976 — Olivier revives soap making the old way – Marseille soap-making in an old soap factory.

1977 —first harvest of lavender is reserved

1980 — Olivier explorations of the world’s ingredients and traditional techniques lands him in Burkina Faso, Africa. He learns of women who produce shea butter and its nourishing qualities.

1981 — first L’OCCITANE factory and store open in Volx, Provence

1990 — L’OCCITANE fragrance merchant to buy a barge for distributing products

1992 — L’OCCITANE boutique opens in Paris on Rue Vavin

1996 — L’OCCITANE boutiques open in New York City & Hong Kong

1997 — L’OCCITANE is one of the first companies to feature Braille labeling on its products

1997 — first boutique in Japan opens

1999 — Verbena Harvest collection is launched

2001 —  L’OCCITANE & ORBIS an international NGO that fights blindness partner

2001 — Sao Paulo, Brazil Spa opens

2002 — Immortelle Skincare Collection launches internationally

2006 — Fondation L’OCCITANE is born — foundation with two long-term missions: support of the blind and economic emancipation of women

2009 — L’OCCITANE begins to offer eco-refill packaging

2010 — L’OCCITANE Foundation partners with Aide et Action supporting women’s literacy centers in Burkina Faso

2011 — Immortelle Divine Cream receives the “Best Miracle Cream” award

2011 — Fantastic Provence Magazine launches

2012 — now has over 2,000 stores all over the world

A really, really BIG thank you to the L’OCCITANE STAFF!

Thank you L’OCCITANE for a WONDERFULLY, DELIGHTFUL, RELAXING EXPERIENCE! I don’t often make it ALL about me, but I now have a favorite place to unwind all the stress and rejuvenate my skin!


We split into two groups, one went to South Main Kitchen and my group headed for Butcher & Brew.  Located right next door to each other, made it real convenient for Melissa to bounce back and forth, and for any of us to do some bouncing of our own.

I have to say, dang… dang… dang… at the top of my delight list is a simple thing called a sweet potato. I love ’em. But, sweet potato chips? Let’s just say I haven’t liked them as much as I do baked with salt and butter or a basket of fries. They’re always, in my experience, just too dang hard. These suckers? LOL, nope. BEST I’ve ever had. Perfectly thin cut fried. Perfect I tell ya! Will travel for a repeat!


Butcher and Brew took complete control and delighted us with the local’s and Chef’s favorites. How can you go wrong with Chef favorites and best sellers?

all. were. delicious. REALLY.






Thank you, Butcher and Brew for a most memorable, had my taste buds dancing and singing my praises for treating ’em right on a sunny day! They loved Melissa introduced me to you, so I could introduce them to your culinary blast of flavor!


Butcher & Brew
South Main Kitchen
Scout & Molly’s

GOOD NEWS!! You can read more about our Hello Spring! Atlanta Food Bloggers Society Swept Away By Bubbles, Pampering, and Brunch! The girls have theirs up too!!

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Thank you, Teresa for this fantastic Social Format!

Visit L’OCCITANE | Follow on Instagram | Follow on Twitter

Visit Butcher & Brew | Follow on Instagram | Follow on Twitter

Disclosure: This entire event was made possible by Melissa Pelkey-Hass’, AtlFBS VP Marketing & Branding coordination master skills, L’OCCITANE and Butcher and Brew. All was complimentary, but as always I tipped my server! And, no monetary amounts outside of that were exchanged… but now way they could have paid me for this day! I should slap a check in the mail to them!

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