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An Evening Of A Pristine Culinary Experience

If you're from around the Atlanta area, you're probably very aware of the Cobb Galleria Centre — Two Galleria Parkway Atlanta, Georgia 30339 — right in the Cumberland Mall area. I've know it mostly as an event venue, a.k.a. convention center, and that's probably what most know it as too. But guess what? The Cobb Galleria has its own culinary depart along with a fully staffed, full-service industrial chef's kitchen that can feed an army! And you know what else is special about this gem? It delivers 5 star dining... IN A CONVENTION CENTER PEOPLE! They serve 100,000 people dinner in a year. That's a lot of food to get right and make it taste good. Much less "knock the socks right off" taste buds... which this man and his team do.

every. single. time.

Who's the culinary genius behind all the deliciousness in that kitchen? Who commands this team of talent? Well, that would be none other than Chef Nick Walker.

When the Cobb Galleria invited the Atlanta Food Bloggers' Society to dine at Chef Nick Walker's Chef's Table with a six course dinner paired with Monday Night Brewing, I knew a couple of things right from the get go. First, I knew first hand any dining experience at Chef's table would be another spectacular culinary experience; and second, courses prepared with Monday Night Brewing beers would wrap the evening up in a big ole bow!

First Course | Amuse Bouche
the Opening
inger Crab Fritter with Spicy Banana Purée
aired with Fu Manbrew - Belgian Style Wit





paired with

Fu Manbrew - Belgian Style Wit

Our first bite. Setting the stage for Chef Nick Walker's genius. This perfectly prepared bite.
The ginger, crabmeat, and flavors married well; each stood out on its own while complementing the others.  


Second Course
the Salad
uck & Blood Orange

Our second bite and another Chef Nick Walker genius moment. This perfectly prepared salad. The spent grain cracker, frisee, fennel, blood orange vinaigrette complimented each well.



paired with

Blind Pirate - Blood Orange IPA

Gorgeous and absolutely delicious. Definitely another genius moment for Chef Nick Walker.


Third Course
the Seafood
errano Eye Patch Bouillabaisse

I "have to admit", because I'm extremely picky when it comes to seafood, this was delicious. The combination of monk-fish, clams, snapper, and fresh rock shrimp, pineapple, saffron, and serrano aioli, was perfect. This surprised me because with all that seafood in it, it didn't taste fishy at all. Anyone that knows me, knows anything that tastes like fish smells does NOT pass these lips. If it smells fishy it's getting passed over to another food blogger that loves that kind of stuff. This bouillabaisse went nowhere but down the hatch!



paired with

Serrano Eye Patch Ale - Indian Pale Ale

The combination of monk-fish, clams, snapper, and fresh rock shrimp, pineapple, saffron, and serrano aioli, was perfect.


Fourth Course
the Palate Clenser
osch Pear Sorbet



paired with

Gerrano Show - Begian Style Golden Ale

Dried Lemon and Honey Kissed Pear

This delicious sorbet was the perfect palate cleanser.



Fifth Course
the Beef
anilla Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeks

Trumpets, Carolina Rice Grits, Heirloom Carrot, Wilted Greens, and Cocoa combined together made this the winner for the night. It was creamy, rich but not too rich, and the flavors wrapped this culinary dish experience up perfectly together. Delicious.





paired with

 Drafty Kilt - Scotch Ale


Creamy, rich — but not too rich — and those flavors. So delicious.

Sixth Course
the Cigar
azelnut Cigar

Talk about presentation. This is it.





paired with

 Toated Hazulnut Imperial Stout

Talk about the perfect way to end a exquisite culinary experience.
This is it.
Perfectly sweet and so delicious.

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I was invited to Chef Nick Walker's Chef's Table Dinner as part of the Atlanta Food Bloggers' Society. I didn't receive any payment and this review is 100% based on my experience.

Where Do You Find These Guys?

Cobb Galleria Centre
2 Galleria Pkwy SE
Atlanta, GA 30339

Phone: 770.955.8000

Monday Night Brewing
670 Trabert Ave NW,
Atlanta, GA 30318

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