btw... this was a sponsored event for me.
Thank you Sprouts Farmers Market for the invitation and another great event!


What did I have to do for the gift card and two shopping reusable bags of Sprouts products they sent me home with?


1. Drive less than 3.5 miles and be there by 4p.
2. Get taken on a personal tour of their newest location in Woodstock. LOVE IT IS SO CLOSE TO ME!!
3. Claim my front row seat to Marisa's cooking demo — mostly all non-cooking recipes perfect for summer heat! BTW, everyone attending (us 4 bloggers and shoppers in the neighborhood!) had a "thank you for coming out" gift bag in their chair!

4. Be handed a swag bag given to me (and my 3 other bloggy friends!). This was a tough one people. I really had a hard time using that Sprouts gift card.
5. Enjoy Marisa doing her thing!
6. Eat delicious dishes and sip down a really good drink with beet powder added to it. That thing was good.
7. Not a requirement but I loved shopping at my favorite grocer.
8. Do a little social media to give them some shout outs to my fans — yes, I say that loosely.
9. Go home, put away all my groceries, and eat my muffin. And right after I put all those groceries away? I had 4 bites of my favorite Gelato. It is slap your mama good people! But never slap your mama. And Talenti gelato e sorbetto if you see this, I love you. Ok, 6 bites but it's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
10. Write up a blog post on Do.Food.Better. and shout it out to all my people!

I know! It's unbelievable what they expected from me!

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As always,  Marisa Moore Nutrition & Sprouts Farmers Market treated me right on this day!

This is an awesome Watermelon, Blackberries & Feta Cheese Salad! Marisa, am I allowed to share the recipe in a post?

Get ready for it...
Then there was this.

Yes. This.

And the topping choices, oh my goodness good. Greek yogurt with honey; totally amazed at how good that was. I am not a Greek yogurt fan. Yogurt either for that matter.

Marisa Moore fed me at 5:40p and Sprouts fed me a muffin at 9p! I tried your new (to me anyway) lemon cranberry muffin Sprouts. Really good! And do you realize, every single time I walk through your front door I leave with no less than 12 muffins? And 12 is really rare. It's odd I don't do anything special with storing them at home. I actually leave each wrapped in the wax paper sheet I grabbed it with, and just roll down the bag to keep it shut it. I've never had muffins stay so fresh for so long, especially when not sealed up in a container. I still have money left on the gift card you gave me, and I'm saving it for more muffins!

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And all that beautiful, colorful cauliflower!! Not to mention it was ALL DELICIOUS roasted!

Yes, I'm totally hung up on colorful roasted cauliflower at the moment. Maybe it's the time of the year? How do you like your cauliflower? Hung up on their muffins too; no matter what time of year, month, day, hour or second.

Thanks again, Sprouts and Marisa for another winner experience! Can't wait for the next one!

Have you every shopped at Sprouts Farmers Market? Do you even have one near you? If not on either account, make it a point to get into your local store. If you don't have one near you, then you need to be yelling at SFM!


Disclosure: In exchange for my honest review (promotion was and is optional) I agreed to this review post. Every single word is honest and based on my experience.

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