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What’s one of the most anticipated events of the year, literally all year long for millions of people? Where will you find excitement like no other and big hats to boot? Well, the Kentucky Derby of course! It’s not only for the “Race to the Roses”, it’s for those hats too! How the heck did she balance that hat on her head for hours?

Here in Atlanta, there are many places that plan for the big day and the best parties for the big day are everywhere. This year, for the second time, The Livingston at The Georgian Terrace was no different, so when I received my newsletter with info about their party, I wasted no time asking if there was a media opportunity for the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society! And the Mint Juleps flowed! Thank you, Hannah! Your rock lady!

Did You Know?

The hotel opened for business in October 1911.

In 1939 the premiere of Gone with the Wind was held at Loew's Grand Theater on December 15, 1939, in Atlanta. The Director of the movie along with all of the stars — except Vivien Leigh and lover at the time, Lawrence Olivier — stayed at The Georgian Terrace. After the premiere, the party was moved to the hotel and carried on through the night.

In 1946, Walt Disney stayed at the hotel when his movie, Song of the South premiered at the Fox Theatre.

When Alex Cooley opened the Electric Ballroom in 1970, he was host to Bruce Springsteen, Kiss, The Pretenders, The Ramones, Patti Smith, and Billy Joel.

I can't find the stinkin' date, but Elvis Presley, the King himself, stayed at TGT. I wonder if it was when I saw him in concert at the Omni Atlanta from those nosebleed seats.

One thing I didn’t miss was Always Dreaming beating out the favorite to take the Run for the Roses®! She paid out $11.40 for the win. If I’d only had $100 (ok, $500 is more like it) to place on him! Mama would have gotten a new pair of shoes!

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Men Get in the Spirit

Who says it's just for the ladies? Not the men! In fact, as you can see, it's quite the opposite.

Always Dreaming | 2017 Winner

Always Dreaming wins the 143rd Kentucky Derby's Race for the Roses 2017, paying $11.40 for the win!

Ladies! Those hats!

Of course the ladies didn't disappoint with their southern charm and lavish hats in a long tradition of feathers and roses riding high.

This is where I confess; I got there later than I’d planned. I guess you could say I had “a late start out of the gate”! So, unfortunately, I missed a lot of the passed foods that my friends told me were phenomenal. And, because their foodie bloggers and members of the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society, I know they know what they’re talking about. They’re experts at it!

Here’s what I am still banging my head on the wall that I missed…

Mushrooms Florentine  | Marinated Beef Satay  | Mini Beef Wellingtons  |  Mini Pizza Tarts  |  Chicken and Mushroom Tarts

You can actually see some pics at Culinary Veg Out; Rochelle is one of our newest AFBS members and she joined us for the day and evening. Love having her in our group!

After the Big Race, we headed downstairs in the Georgian Terrace to Edgar’s Proofs & Provisions to start yet another party! And why not?! It was one of the most special days of the year! My good friend, Chef Melissa’s birthday! What a fun and delicious night it turned out to be!

Chef Mark Breault – btw, he manages P&P and Livingston Restaurant – helped us celebrate and treated us right! I loved it all!

Chef started us off with some Smoked Almonds… folks, they were friggin' addicting. Really. None of us could keep our hands out of the bowls.

Then, next up was Black-Eyed Pea Hummus and yep; really good too. And those pitas with it were a favorite.

Next up something I never thought would cross these lips together, Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs. But guess what? It totally plays well together!

And the good just keeps coming! Jerky. Jerky. Jerky. Homemade Jerky. It was a huge hit with all of us, but Diva Foodies was in love with it! It was that good.

What could possibly top their foodie predecessors? Well, that would be a spread on the side table of Smoked Wings of course, Pretzels, and Roasted Cauliflower! It’s hard to say which was my favorite, but if I had to choose I think it would be a toss up between the pretzels and roasted cauliflower.

Last but sooo not least, the Red Velvet Chicken and Waffle Sliders hit the table. These were so special Chef Mark served them up and sat down to chat a while.


Not to be outdone, cake with its rich and chocolatey self, made a grand entrance. Thank you sooo much Melissa for sharing! Wish I’d order a piece to go! (Sorry, I didn't get a good shot.)

Another reason to thank Melissa? That would be those cakes! Dang! Those cakes! There’s a place in Alpharetta, GA that from all research I’ve done to find reviews that according to everybody, is the best bakery around. You should really do yourself a favor and check out their site. Then you should really do yourself a solid and go get your cake and eat it too!

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Torte

And because Melissa is Melissa, she gave us all our own gift bags full of goodies! What an awesome way to wrap up such a memorable night with these gals!

Have you stayed at The Georgian Terrace? Ever eaten at Livingston Restuarant? What about Edgar's Proof & Provisions? What about this? Ever given your guest at your birthday party gifts? If yes to any of these, tell me about it. Leave a comment!

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Disclosure: I attended The Kentucky Derby event in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are based 100% on my experience. For Melissa's Birthday Party, I was not asked to write a review but wanted y'all to know about Chef Mark and P&P.

Where Do You Find These Guys?

The Georgian Terrace
659 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
Reservations: (404) 897-5053
Toll free: (800) 651-2316
Telephone: (404) 897-1991

Livingston Restaurant
(404) 897-5000

Edgar's Proof & Provision
(404) 897-5045


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